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 Painted Magic
 24x36 oil, aspens

This is possibly Wisconsin. Vernon traveled in the midwest in the mid'70s and painted on location.

 (collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

 Untitled landscape
16x20 oil
Early '70s

(collection of Chuck Field, Bainbridge Island, Wash.)

The owner of this painting emailed us asking about the
location of this scene. We can only guess that this is
Montana near Glacier National Park or it may be in Canada. Vernon traveled extensively in these areas during 1970-1972.

   [photo of unknown mountain painting]

 If Dreams Came True
24x36 oil

(collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

The bluebonnets of eastern Texas, we have been told.
Texas Art Press' publication of several Vernon Kerr prints
required the artist's travels to Texas in the mid-'70s.

 Whoo's There?
16x20 oil

(collection of Carrie Kerr, Aliso Viejo, Calif.)

It is difficult to see in this poor photograph,
but there is an owl perched in the nearest tree.
A charming forest scene, the location of which is a mystery.

 [photo of Whoo's There?]

A Place To Dream
16x20 oil

(collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

 This scene is located off Highway 128 in Anderson Valley, Mendocino county, California. The area is a gorgeous rolling landscape dotted with large boulders, apple trees, oaks, vinyards, livestock... Worth the drive...from the south, enter Highway 128 north of Cloverdale (approx. 1.5 hrs. from San Francisco) Highway 128 will take you through historic Boonville and onto Highway 1 to the coast. Proceed to Mendocino, former home of Vernon Kerr!

Cypress Point
36x48 oil

(collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

This painting is featured in the artist's method book,
"How Vernon Kerr Paints Seascapes & Landscapes,"

Walter Foster Publisher,
Book No. 183. It can be purchased on the
Walter Foster website.
(search "Vernon Kerr")

The artist's comments on this painting, from the book:
"This grove of cypress trees in on the bluff in front of my house. [Mendocino] They have such dignity and character that I chose to share them with you. This painting was done on a textured canvas to achieve a more natural earthy feeling. Note that the strokes are kept loose and the edges soft, which adds to the wind-blown feeling that is felt at the edge of a bluff."

Above the Clouds
16x20 oil
Mid-Late '70s

(collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

I do not know where this location exists, but it reminds me of viewpoints off the higher hills in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. Once one climbs above the fog and can look down on it, it seemsalmost tactile.
I find this one enchanting because of its simplicity and depth. I feel I am standing within the scene and seeing into the far reaches of the fog below.

--Grace Kerr

Me & the Tree
9 x 12 oil
Early '80s

(collection of Jesica Bishop, Arcata, Calif.)

[painting of oak tree on hillside with poppies]

Untitled Landscape
16x20 oil

(collection of Carol Kopf, Tujunga, CA)

"As a collector of both poppies and California art, I am
enjoying [this painting] thoroughly.

I also have a cover from the Southern California Alumni Review dated April 1933 showing a "California Poppies" painting by Granville Redmond which is very very close to your father's painting, so I figure it was his version of
Redmond's piece. "

Flower Child
24x48 oil
Late 1970s

Collection of Jerri Buzan Gay, Cookson, OK)

Jerri writes:
...My father, Jerry Buzan, became friends with Vernon during the 70's and purchased many of his paintings and traded some of his turquoise jewelry for some. ...I have several paintings by your father that I am very fond of, one of them is "Flower Child" a nude women romping thru a field of wild flowers, this hangs in my bedroom, my Father loved it and called it 'Meadow Nymph.'...This is only a small part of our Vernon Kerr Collection,
but these are some of our favorites. "

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nude in field

log cabin painting


Untitled landscapes
5x7 oils

(Collection of  Don Koubek, Mendocino, Calif.)

Don Koubek owns Vernon Kerr's former home/gallery in Mendocino, Calif. He hangs 14 Vernon Kerr paintings in his home, which is still used as a gallery and artist studio. Don, a portrait artist, brings artists together in his home on Monday mornings to paint from  a live model. (He is continuing a tradition that artist Vernon Kerr started in this home.)

I was fortunate to be the model on Labor Day of 2003. Don and his wife Gigi were gracious hosts who love this house and honor its history. I am grateful to them.  --- Grace Kerr

Morning Veil
(size not provided)

(collection of Jay and Mary Linda Strotkamp, Laguna Beach, Calif.)

My wife bought me a fantastic birthday gift-a beautiful oil ... called MORNING VEIL. It is a magical oil and shows his mastery of a snow covered landscape. I love the subtle colors and his clouds; the fantastic reflection in the pond and on the snow on the road; his wonderful trees; the subtle house; the road and fence posts.
Jay Strotkamp

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snow scene, road, cabin, fence, trees

Detail with artist's signature:sig detail

Shimmering Gold
20x40 oil
Early-mid 1960s

(Collection of Bob Hartman, Laguna Beach, Calif.)

My parents and I knew [Vernon] when he had his gallery here in Laguna Beach. My parents owned the Laguna Concrete Products business out in the canyon. We purchased 3 paintings from your Dad which we still own. ... We very much appreciate your Dad's art and were very sad to learn of his death. ...Bob Hartman

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"Shimmering Gold" original by Vernon KerrBack of painting, artist's handwriting.


We knew your father when we lived in Huntington Beach, Calif., in the early to mid '70s. We were good friends with his business manager, Earl Beecher, and met your dad on many occasions when he was in the area. Earl hosted many open houses, where we first met your dad, and purchased our first painting. We later commissioned two additional paintings. I hope to never have to part with them; they are a joy to us.

We enjoyed our many visits with your dad. I'll relate some stories you might appreciate.

Before I had ever heard of anyone refer to "auras"... Vernon and Earl walked into Earl's ice cream shop [Snelgroves, Huntington Beach, Calif.], where I was helping Earl out when he was short-handed one week, and your dad (looking at me) said to Earl, "I have never seen anyone with such an aura; can you see it? It's wonderful shades of magenta and violet and purple." I never have figured out if that was good or bad!

The first Christmas after Earl Beecher opened Snelgroves Ice Cream shop in Huntington Beach, your dad came and did beautiful Vernon Kerr original Christmas/winter window scenes on the windows of the shop -- we took our (then) very young sons to the shop to let them watch Vernon paint. The windows were so beautiful that we all hated to see them cleaned when the season was over!

Probably the funniest story regarding our friendship with your dad was when I commissioned a snow scene, and told him I wanted it to be of the Couer D'Alene area, to have a little cabin and a stream, and to have birch/aspen trees in addition to the cedar and pine forest. When the painting arrived, I was shocked to see that there were no leaves on my cedar/birch trees. Vernon called a couple of days after it arrived to make sure it had arrived in good condition and to make sure I loved it, and I had to admit that I was disappointed that my trees were leafless! He laughed heartily at the California flatlander (born and bred) who didn't know enough about cold weather and snow to know that by the time they snow fell, the leaves were long gone! However, because his goal was to make me 100% happy with my newest painting, he promised that the next time he was in town he would come by and paint a few leaves on my trees -- which he did! ...

My husband and I enjoyed knowing your dad, and we have never regretted buying the paintings -- they given us so much joy over the years. People who come to our home always remark about the warm feeling it evokes, which I attribute to Vernon's beautiful paintings. ...

Your dad was a lovely, sweet man, who left a legacy of beautiful work.

Toni Amundsen

My Memories
16 x 20oil
1970s Commissioned Work

(collection of Toni and Gerald Amundsen)


Golden Days
24 x 36 oil

(collection of Toni and Gerald Amundsen)

Sunkissed Daisies
20 x 24 oil

(collection of Toni and Gerald Amundsen)



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